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Anji Feiteng Lighting Co. Ltd. is a professional company in design and manufacture the raising & lowering device for high mast more than twenty years. It’s a number of the China Association of Lighting Industry. Products FJ series raising and lowering device for high mast have a specially designed on latches and winch for High mast and has working load such as 200Kg ,300Kg,400Kg, 600Kg ,800Kg ,1000Kg and 1500kg, All of it widely used on seaports, airports, high ways and plaza etc. Power lifter used for stadium mast with high safety. We also design and manufacture the lifting device for CCTV and breaking system as optional parts to meet different technical requirements. We own more than twenty patents on high mast only We export to many countries, such as Australia, Italy, Russia, Middle east, New Zealand, Malaysia ,Taiwan etc.

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  • Address:218# Wushanshi Road Yangguang Industrial Park Anji Zhejiang Province China
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